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ROV NZ is based in Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand. ROV NZ was created from a need to provide a safe cost-effective solution to marine customers and clients with real-time underwater footage and services. Our services use the latest innovative ROV technologies to give us the tools to provide real-time high definition (HD) video service to the marine and freshwater industries throughout New Zealand.

We are proud to have the innovative equipment and the experience to offer our services to the marine and freshwater industries in New Zealand. We have the ability to provide strategic solutions to the industries with a new ‘safe and cost-effective’ solution to underwater services.

ROV NZ was created by Paul Hughson. Paul is internationally recognised as an ROV Superintendent with over 10 years experience in the oil and gas industry, working alongside and with the worlds biggest oil and gas companies worldwide.


Paul Hughson

Director, ROV NZ Limited

  • IMCA ROV Superintendent
  • High Voltage – MTCS
  • Shilling T3/T4
  • BOSIET – Basic offshore induction and emergency training
  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) Diploma – Kongsberg
  • Advanced fibre optics – MTCS
  • Day Skippers and Yachtmaster – IMCA
  • 13+ years experience in Management and Operations
  • 10+ years working globally in the Oil and Gas Industry
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