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ROV NZ is a Seamor Marine authorised dealer. Below are the three ROV models that Seamor Marine produce. Please contact us for further information.


This ROV is perfect for inspecting confined spaces. Quickly deploy the Steelhead to get the images you need, and get the job done.


Compact yet powerful, the Chinook ROV can dive to 600m and support a large range of navigational and searching aids.


The Mako, our newest ROV, has more power and a payload of up to 50lb. The open frame design allows users to quickly and easily mount a wide variety of accessories.

In November 2017, Seamor Marine provided ROV NZ a demo ‘Chinook’ ROV system. After operating the ROV and learning of the system’s ease of use, stability, responsiveness, and versatility, we knew that Seamor has an industry leading world-class ROV system.

In February 2018, Robin Li – President of the innovative ROV manufacturing company ‘Seamor Marine’ travelled from Vancouver Island, Canada to Nelson, New Zealand to upgrade our new Chinook system and discuss a future business relationship. Following from these discussions, ROV NZ is delighted to have become an authorised dealer and technician for Seamor Marine in New Zealand.

Seamor Marine is unlike other inspection class ROV manufacturers. Seamor Marine hand build all of their advanced innovative ROVs and to each customer’s individual requirement. All parts are built, machined and constructed at their local facility in Vancouver Islands, this allows first class quality control and high degree of professionalism. ROV NZ has dealt directly with Seamors team of trained electrical, mechanical and software engineers to tackle any queries and issues their clients may have. This service Seamor provides all comes without paying for the ‘custom’ price tag and are a great investment that customers can build on.

Since ordering the Seamor ‘Chinook’ model with the additional Ethernet and HD upgrades, ROV NZ can and have provided New Zealand customers and clients with first-class underwater HD video quality and survey services with the affordable inspection class ROV system that Seamor Marine provide.

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