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The team at ROV NZ have over 13 years of experience in servicing, maintaining and repairing a wide range of ROV systems.

Theses ROV systems range from small electrical inspection class systems to large 150Hp Triton XLX Evo work-class systems capable of depths to 3000 metres.

ROV NZ have the technical and operational knowledge on the below ROV manufacturers:

Deep Trekker, Videoray, Seamor Marine, Seaeye, Perry, Triton and Forum Technologies.

The combination of our experience, qualifications and training allows us to have the ability to service, maintain and repair all aspects and components of any ROV system on the market.

If your system requires to be repaired or serviced, there is no need to send your system overseas. You can simply send your system to us at ROV NZ or we can come to you.

Please contact us at for any repair queries.

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