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Subsea Services

ROV NZ is a certified, accredited and professionally experienced subsea ROV operations and engineering company. ROV NZ provides a safe and cost-effective subsea engineering solution to many subsea industries and clients, with real-time HD subsea footage and subsea engineering expertise.

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) are a safe and efficient alternative to use in many situations. Our ROV systems are significantly cheaper to mobilise and maintain while mobilised to any project due to the latest innovate technologies – when combined with our team who have the qualifications, experience and professional expertise – we’ve got your subsea project covered.

ROV NZ provides real-time High Definition (HD) subsea footage and can conduct subsea surveys and inspections for many industries including:

Shipping & Vessels




Pipeline Inspection


Port Security & Customs

Law Enforcement

Marine Research
& Conservation

Here are just some of the applications of our ROV services:

  • Significantly lower your operating costs
  • Cost efficient option for mobilisations
  • Unlimited dive time
  • High Definition (HD) real-time video quality for quality assurance, marine and infrastructure surveys
  • Able to operate in hazardous environmental conditions
  • ROV’s are a safe alternative to the natural risks of dive time and duration of commercial diving team
  • Reduced insurance risk and liability
  • Systems and personnel can be easily mobilised to any national location
  • We have global subsea knowledge and experience
  • Our team are some of the most experienced ROV operators in New Zealand

Please contact us at for any subsea enquiries.

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