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Basic ROV operations

Our team can provide theoretical classes and practical ROV pilot training on observation class ROV systems. This training will provide the pilot/technician with a broad and overall view of the operational and maintenance aspects to observation class ROV’s. Observation class ROV’s can be used in a broad range of applications, which are mentioned in our Subsea section of this website.

The theory and practical training will provide the technician with the necessary knowledge and skill set to perform the activities of a ROV Pilot Technician position/role. The training will have practical training sessions from wharfs and vessels.

Fibre Optic

Out team at ROV NZ can deliver fibre optics training which has been designed for anyone interested in the repair and maintenance on fibre optics in ROV systems. Many ROV systems use fibre optic technologies to enable high data transfer and long distance capabilities, which require users to have the knowledge and understanding of fibre optic technology within their particular ROV system.

Some of what is covered in the fibre optics training:

  • Fibre optic cabling and system fundamentals
  • Basics of fibre optic testing
  • Optical power and light source meter and Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR fundamentals
  • Methods of termination of fibre optic connectors
  • Practical sessions using 3M ST Hot melt connectors

After completing this training, technicians will be able to perform the main tasks of fault finding and location of these repairs and its maintenance found in ROV systems.

Seaeye observation and work class ROV systems specific courses.

Our team at ROV NZ is currently working with a NZ subsea training centre to develop and deliver three ROV onshore and offshore courses. These ROV courses will be approved and accredited with IMCA, ADAS and NZQA. On successful completion, candidates will receive ADAS and NZQA certification.

Please contact us at for any training enquiries.

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