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ROV NZ was created from a need to provide a safe cost-effective solution to marine customers and clients with real-time underwater footage and services. Our services use the latest innovative ROV technologies to give us the tools to provide real-time high definition (HD) video service to the marine and freshwater industries throughout New Zealand.

Here are just some of the applications of our ROV services:

Shipping and Vessels

  • Hull Inspections
  • Propellor Inspections
  • Sea Valve Inspections
  • Sea Chest InspectionsBal
  • last tank Inspections
  • UWILD (Underwater water inspection in Lieu of dry dock)


  • Water tank inspections – Fresh water and fire water tanks
  • Dam and reservoir Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections

Marine research and Conservation

  • Assist marine scientists and biologists in their research

Port Security and Customs

  • Port Security
  • Biosecurity


  • Net Inspections – Salmon cages etc.
  • Mooring Inspections
  • Mussel farm Inspections

Pipeline Inspection

  • Reservoir pipes
  • Council water infrastructure

Law Enforcement

  • Search and rescue services
  • Forensic surveys


  • Pleasure boat inspections
  • Yacht Inspections

Film makers and Documentaries

  • Provide movie companies high definition quality underwater footage
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