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ROV NZ was born from a need to provide a safe and cost-effective solution to a wide range of subsea projects and tasks with the ability to provide unlimited real-time underwater footage and services. Our services use the latest ROV and subsea technologies to provide customers with a wide range of subsea inspections, surveys and engineering services to the marine and freshwater industries in New Zealand and overseas.

Here are just some of the applications of our ROV services:

Shipping and Vessels

  • Hull Inspections
  • Propellor Inspections
  • Sea Valve Inspections
  • Sea Chest Inspections
  • Balast tank Inspections
  • UWILD (Underwater water inspection in Lieu of dry dock)


  • Water tank inspections – Fresh water and fire water tanks
  • Dam and reservoir Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections

Marine research and Conservation

  • Assist marine scientists and biologists in their research

Port Security and Customs

  • Port Security
  • Biosecurity


  • Net Inspections – Salmon cages etc.
  • Mooring Inspections
  • Mussel farm Inspections

Pipeline Inspection

  • Reservoir pipes
  • Council water infrastructure

Law Enforcement

  • Search and rescue services
  • Forensic surveys


  • Pleasure boat inspections
  • Yacht Inspections

Film makers and Documentaries

  • Provide movie companies high definition quality underwater footage
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